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Our excavator operator, Lloyd Peckham, is a writer for Diggers LIVE!

Our excavator operator, Lloyd Peckham, is a writer for Diggers LIVE!

One of our team of experienced machine drivers, Lloyd Peckham, is a bi-monthly columnist for Diggers LIVE, where he shares his experiences getting into machine driving, becoming a social media success and his day-to-day work life here at Joyce Groundwork.

Diggers LIVE, an online magazine, contacted Lloyd on Linkedin and asked if he would be interested in writing for them and sharing his journey. So far, he has been sharing how he started in this line of work and his social media success. With 32,000 followers on Instagram, he is one of the biggest influencer names in the industry. He always enjoyed photography and, combining this with his passion for heavy machinery, has created great success on social media platforms with posts receiving views over 150k.

He's very interested by the advancing technology in the industry and shares his experiences with the high-spec equipment and innovative technology Joyce Groundwork utilise. Lloyd has been working here for nearly five years and is excited to continue looking back at his previous projects and sharing his experiences. 

Lloyd shares, "It was flattering being approached by Diggers LIVE, and I've thoroughly enjoyed writing the articles so far and reminiscing back on my time with Joyce Groundwork and how I began my social media journey. It hasn't been without its difficulties, and I have enjoyed sharing the struggles and showing people the truth behind my story. I look forward to many more articles and sharing all the parts I love about the industry with their many readers." 

If you want to read some of Lloyd's articles, check out Diggers LIVE here and get in touch if you'd be interested in following a similar path by becoming part of the Joyce Groundwork team!