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Joyce Groundwork visit St Catherine's Hospice

Joyce Groundwork visit St Catherine's Hospice

We had the opportunity to visit St Catherine's Hospice and hear all about the incredible work they do for the local community, as well as the life-changing plans they have for their new site in Pease Pottage.

Since our Christmas donation back in December, we have been anticipating heading down to the hospice to learn more about the incredible plans they have for the new site, and the benefits it will bring to both staff and patients.

The St Catherine's team are looking forward to the opening of this new centre and being able to give the same opportunities to everyone, with step-free access to the gardens, individual bathrooms and family facilities, as well as living spaces.

There are currently 12 bedrooms in the hospice, but the new centre will have 24 rooms, to ensure they can provide for the community for years to come. 

The new hospice has beautiful views surrounding the facility which can be seen from all the windows. Every room is thoroughly considered and planned for the patient's needs first and foremost. There will be more space for staff to provide even better care and create a seamless living experience without an overly clinical feeling. 

They are also creating a living well activities space to allow residents to participate in fun activities and ensure the area is enjoyed and used to its full potential. Another feature is a spiritual space; designed for all religions to allow an escape that brings the outside into the hospice, with a courtyard garden that connects you to nature.

As a hospice, they are breaking down the taboo of palliative care, encouraging and supporting families in embracing and preparing for their prognosis so that they are able to 'live well until they die.' At the new hospice, they intend to encourage the general community to see the comfortable and positive atmosphere of the centre. 

We were so pleased to be able to donate to this deserving charity, and we will be continuing to work with them in whatever ways we can to help fund the fantastic care they deliver. Thakeham and Joyce Groundwork have been working on the housing development around the new site to create an inviting and relaxing environment for those within the hospice, and feel passionate about supporting the community. Please donate to the St Catherine's Hospice to support their fantastic work and click here if you are able.