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75 foundations in seven days

75 foundations in seven days

With several decades of experience at Joyce Groundwork, we have built our reputation, developing exceptional expertise and skill, through a series of challenging and complex projects.

One of the proudest is our achievement of pouring 75 foundations in just seven days for a project with Thakeham Homes. 

We had worked across many Thakeham Group developments; however, at their Thakeham Homes' flagship development of over 600 homes, the challenge was more significant than any other.

There were many logistical challenges, from managing over 75 deliveries to exact time scales to pouring over 600m3 of concrete in just seven days.However, with the combination of technological advancements in the industry, a high level of organisation and discipline, and teamwork and communication running through every part of the operation; we knew we could overcome these obstacles.

When the dust had settled after the last lorry leaving, we saw this project was a success!

Thakeham, for all their hard work and innovation, rewarded our operatives with a warm breakfast and a personal thank you from their CEO, Rob Boughton.

If this sounds like the kind of team you want to work with, get in touch!